"I am unable to read the presentation from the screen, is it possible to view it on my iPad?"

With this question 'BeamerStreamer' was born. This simple utility will bring your presentation available on every device in the room, being an iPad, Android, PC, laptop or anything... As long as the device is equipped with a webbrowser it will transform into a presentation screen!

  1. Install BeamerStreamer on your (Windows) presentation-PC.
  2. Connect your device to the same (WiFi) network as your presentation-PC.
  3. Browse to the URL shown by BeamerStreamer.
  4. The presentation is now live on your device!

  • Simple & quick
  • Not suitable for video playback, optimized for presentations

Add BeamerStreamer to OBS Studio, and bring your presentation available to your live-stream audience! Add a WebBrowser as input en browse to the BeamerStreamer URL.

Click here to download the latest version of BeamerStreamer


  • Windows 10